Hey There!

Just a heads up. This will be my last post on LJ. :) I've been crossposting from a backed up dreamwidth for years now and in light of recent events, I'm just gonna shut this journal down now.

If you want to find me, I'm at

It was a pretty good 10 years and a passable additional 6 years.

Bye LJ!

Child Empress WIP pics. ^___^

I realized this morning as I was sorting out my flickr account that I haven't posted WIP pics for the CE yet. D: soooooo... here they are. ~_^

I didn't take very many this time around being as I was more concerned with creating then documenting, but I think I got a couple good ones. ^___^


Collapse )

She was 4 months of work (amid other projects) and took about 115 hours.

and just for completion sake, here are links to the other two detailed WIP posts I've made:

How to make an Imp: Goddess Doll Tutorial

Anatomy of a Root Thing: Oh it's been so long since I've made one of these.
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